Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Last night was very, very good. Cannot believe what started as casual post-work drinks turned into. Absolute madness of the best kind.

It all began at the early hour of 5:30pm. Gathered with my girlfriends, we were ready for a dignified evening of cocktails and a bite to eat. Well, the best things never go according to plan.

Despite my travels all across the globe, from New York to Paris and the raucous adventures that ensue, last night in the gorgeous city of London was unforgettable. Tucked away down a side street in Covent Garden, you might just miss it, Mabel’s (obviously the perfect venue, named after moi). Mabel’s is the quirkiest cool London venue, filled with signs lit in bright neon and moody low lighting. Immediately, I knew we were in for one of those nights. As if right on cue, a round of cocktails appeared from the businessy gents gathered at the bar, called the Lavender Love. Oh boy.

Never one to turn down a cocktail, we toasted to the gents and turned back to girl time. The gossip. Who’s seeing who. She did what? Side splitting laughter erupted from our corner of the room time and time again.

Round after round of cocktails left us a bit peckish, so we ordered appetisers to share. As per usual, we ordered way too much but we couldn’t help ourselves! Cheese and charcuterie boards and ALL the bread. Followed by main courses. There’s nothing like a fantastic menu to keep me happy… And with food out of the way, we miiiight have ventured back into cocktail territory. It didn’t take long for us to pick out one of the sharing cocktails: The Alsace Cooler. St. Germain elderflower liqueur, Sauvignon blanc and sparkling soda water, lemon, mint. It was refreshing and went down like a treat. Seriously easy to drink. This is where the night gets a little hazy. Okay, A LOT hazy.

We might have found ourselves out on the dance floor. Dancing with the girls, dancing with strangers we won’t see again. Kicking our shoes off. Singing along to our favourite songs. Another group was celebrating a birthday. A hen do might have found their way into the mix. Mabel’s is a wild card, where you never know what you’re going to find each night.

Before we knew it. We missed the last tube home so we giggled, danced (okay and maybe moonwalked) our way home together. Crashing into bed at 3am, I couldn’t help but smile to myself. The best nights are the unexpected ones, aren’t they?

But hey, that’s just me.

Mabel xoxo