Mabel's Pastel

Love Colour.

Londoner’s love a photo. Let’s get 2015 on this. We’re talking about Instagram. If you don’t Instagram it, did it even happen? And right now, flowers are the fashion. The Londonites are out in full force, in the parks, strolls down the street, phones and cameras at the ready. And well, our favourite, the gorgeous Mabel’s in Covent Garden is totally on trend this season. Flowers. In. Cocktails. If that’s not an Instagrammer’s delight then we don’t know what is.

Our top three floral cocktails (get your filters ready)

Lavender Love

We love lavender. The purple colour, it’s the ultimate in elegance. And this floral cocktail is one to remember. Created by shaking Absolut citron vodka with white peach puree, a touch of fresh lavender and pomegranate juice, it’s refreshing. It’s pretty. We want more of it.

Rosemary Collins

While it may sound like a schoolteacher’s name from the 70s, this specialty is derived from Jerry Thomas’s (The Father of Mixology, didn’t you know?) cocktail – The Tom Collins (1876). A combination of fresh rosemary springs with Gin Mare, churned over crushed ice with fresh citrus, sugar and soda water. Ah, Rosemary, you have our hearts.

Tarte Tatin

This 19th century French dessert is transformed to liquid form. Vodka mixed with Calvados, pressed apple juice and caramel syrup. Complete with a fresh flower on top. C’est tres belle. Dessert, turned cocktail. As are all things we love.

Fresh flowers, dessert based cocktails, pastel colours. What attracts the ever elusive Instagram ‘Like’ more than that?