‘A lady who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before’  Anon

All roads lead to Covent Garden. And here our journey begins. March 2015.

Mabel’s is inspired by the beautiful. By the things that make us feel good. Simplicity. Sophistication. But not boring. Never boring. Colours, life, tingling tastes. A retreat. A place to converse, meet up, dance off. Blog, work, chill. Dancing on tables will be allowed. Swinging from the chandeliers too. We never judge. We join in.

The flavours of our bar are inspired by our travels. The kitchen by the kind of things that makes us all warm and fuzzy on the inside. The kind of food that leaves our minds at ease. We believe any calories consumed are best burned off laughing in the company of good friends. Or kissing.

The setting is about personality. Personality. Personality. Personality. It’s not a fashion statement. Not one single style. Not one decadent design. How could it be? Like any lady it is layered. Multi-facetted. Layered in taste. Moods. Feelings. Experiences. Desires.

The attitude is everything. The rules we apply to the running of Mabel’s are the same that applies to being a lady. Stay classy. Always smile at strangers and friends alike. Be intelligent but not a know-it-all. Learn. A lot. All of the time. Class is defined by elegance and dignity, not by vulgarity. A little mystery never hurt anyone. Be brave. Be bold. Be strong. Hold your head up high but never your nose. Do not RSVP to drama. Always be yourself. Stick to it. Have an attitude of gratitude. Shine in your own way.

That said, we do not expect you to always obey the traditional rules. A little za-za-zu and a fabulous cup of the unexpected are guaranteed to be served. At Mabel’s tables, the stories will be told. You are invited. Your password is FAIRYTALE. Keep it. You’ll soon know what to do with it. A lady knows how to play the game.

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